Day 5: “This is Art Attack”

Good moro my little vegetables!  I’ll be working all day today, so I thought I would say a quick hello bright and early.

Things have had to change around here since becoming a vegetarian.  I haven’t moved to the countryside to grow my own asparagus or anything.  I have adapted my diet and I have also altered my surroundings.

I have already told you that I am Spartacus, and the ‘Joan of Arc of Poultry’.  What I have been concealing until now is that I am also the 90’s icon that is Neil Buchanan.  One day, many years ago, I was in desperate need of a pot for my pens.  Rather than head to WHSmith, I went to the kitchen and cleaned out a Heinz soup tin.  Voila!  The perfect stationary holder was born.  I have been recreating the wonderful invention ever since.  The trouble is, the one that I have been using at university is not suitable for vegetarians, so I have made an adjustment…

Changing pen pots won’t bring back the cute chicken that once occupied it, but at least the memory of it won’t be haunting me each time I grab a pen.  Don’t believe the hype, chicken soup is not good for the soul, cream of tomato is.

Enjoy your day,

Love from,

the very hardworking asparagus.


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