Day 101: Go Green

Good day to you.

I am sorry for my rant yesterday.  I have calmed down now, and the images of Kanye West’s laughable attempt at fashion are slowly fading away.  I’m going to keep it lighthearted today.

I bought this card a few weeks ago and it has been amusing me ever since…

Perhaps the Green Party would gain more support with a campaign like this.  Okay, so I wouldn’t make a great politician, but at least I would be mildly amusing.

*Disclaimer: I did not design this card, I just bought it. Apologies if you have found it offensive.*

With love

the Cheeky Asparagus. x


2 thoughts on “Day 101: Go Green

    • Thank-you for the link. I saw a similar article about a cow and find it extremely interesting! It certainly demonstrates how hard it is to be a vegan!

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