Day 102, Alphabetti:

I am a pathetic excuse for an asparagus.  When I began this blog, I had every intention of filling it with beautiful recipes.  I thought I would be able to convince carnivores, with my magnificent culinary skills, that turning vegetarian was the way to go.  I had dreams that my creations would even inspire those who have been vegetarians since breaking out of the womb.  The truth is, after 102 days of being a vegetarian, I have not cooked a proper meal.

I have friends that have become vegetarian or vegan for lent.  They are putting me to shame.  After two weeks, Alys has already posted some rather lovely dishes on her blog (  My vegan pals have been making some snazzy food, including caramelised-onion tarts.

This is the stage I am at…

I am going to improve.  For the sake of my health (and fat ass), I need to widen my diet further than my favourite food group: chocolate.  You will find some yummy recipes on here.  Just not today.

I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend.

With love,

The Silly Asparagus.


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