Day 141: ‘Kreativ Blogger’

Hello darlings.

Sorry that I have abandoned you for a while.  Deadlines are fast approaching and I didn’t plan on writing any new posts until all my work has been handed in.  However, today someone passed me a Kreativ Blogger award.  That someone is Becky, from and I wanted to say thank-you.  I really enjoy reading veghotpot and it is filled with some brilliant veggie and vegan recipes that I must try, especially all the chocolate related ones.  It also has some lovely restaurant reviews (through reading these, I discovered that we must live fairly close to one another).

The Kreativ Blogger award is to encourage people with their blogs and to let them know that the blog is being read and appreciated by others.  There are rules to the award, which makes it seem similar to a chain email.  However, I would love to share some wordpress blogs with you.

So here are the rules (feel free to break them):

  • Thank the nominating blogger and provide a link to that blog.
  • Spread the love by nominating seven other bloggers, including their links here.
  • Tell your readers seven things they may not already know about you.

Seven things about myself:

1) When I was about five, I won a talent competition in Tunisia for my rendition of a rhyme about rabbits.  I don’t think this poem exists anymore, as I was unable to find you a copy.

2) I chose ‘Ursula’ as my confirmation name.  After the saint, not the sea witch from the Little Mermaid.

3) My favourite film is Pulp Fiction.  Combine this with my love of nail polish and you will find that Uma Thurman wears Chanel no.18 ‘Rouge Noir’ on her nails for the film.  (Some argue that she wears the ‘Vamp’ shade).

4) As an English literature student, I couldn’t possibly pick my favourite book.  Thomas Hardy and Sylvia Plath win my award for poetry.

5) I think that wearing ball gowns and tutus should be acceptable every day behaviour.  Yes, I want to go to the supermarket wearing Vera Wang gowns.  Elie Saab would suffice.  Ditto Valentino Haute Couture.

6) Writing on each side of a piece of paper makes me feel nervous and ill.  I will avoid doing so at all costs.

7) Frank Ocean’s voice completes my life. If you want specifics, listen to ‘Acura Integurl’.

Blogs I nominate:

1)  My reason for choosing this blog is that it is incredibly well written and funny.  The title summarises what the site is about.  The blogger has found blogging to be a form of therapy, as they share their journey to a healthier life. Bariatric beginnings talks about things such as weight loss and depression.

2)  I love this blog because it provides the history behind popular dishes such as eggs benedict. Today (18th April), he is celebrating National Animal Cracker day and there are some great images.

3)  A simple, but relevant fashion . lifestyle blog.

4) The title says it all!

5) Quote: “There’s so much more to vegetarianism than rabbit food”.

6) Providing the world with recipes and humour.

7) Some very original arts and crafts ideas.

For my UK readers, some of the blogs above are American.  This means that recipes can be confusing (we don’t use the ‘one cup of…’ measurements).  But, they still make a great read.

That’s it from me today.

Blog Love,

The award-winning Asparagus.


8 thoughts on “Day 141: ‘Kreativ Blogger’

  1. haha that’s really funny, when I write the restaurant reviews I’m always thinking this is silly because no one is going to know where these are, but you do!! How exciting! xx

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      • Number 6 really upsets me, as an environmental biologist i get annoyed by people doing things out of habit that they just don’t think about their consequences. so much paper is being wasted only writing on one side of the sheet, doesn’t seem that bad at the time but if you actually think about double the amount of trees and the manufacturing process that goes into making it, it isn’t just a quirky habit any more.

      • I am sorry that it upsets you. I am not frivolous with paper on purpose and it is not a habit. It is an obsession that has reduced me to tears in the past and causes a great amount of anxiety.

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