Who is the silly asparagus?

I’m 22 and currently pursuing my dream of a career in fashion / journalism / digital world. This blog began by focusing on life as a new vegetarian. After 11 months, I started eating meat again. This blog has developed into a place where I share numerous things, whether veggie-related or not (although I don’t share recipes / food containing meat).

Things I love: Autumn. Nail Polish. The Vivienne Westwood AW 93-94 Anglomania show. Audrey Hepburn films. Long walks in muddy fields. The Meadham Kirchhoff SS 12 show. Spaghetti hoops. Paris. Magazines. The colour red. Milan Kundera books. Veggie Percy Pigs. Luxury notebooks. Battleships (the game). Blankets. Post. Sharpie pens. Wrists. Jam sandwiches. New stationery. Halloween. F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.

Please feel free to email me (Collette) on: thesillyasparagus@live.co.uk or leave a comment.


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