Day 110: Unlucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my little leprechauns!

I am rather saddened today.  I went out last night, and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the club was handing out boxes of the American cereal, Lucky Charms.  After some two-for-one cocktails, my friends and I were sat around a table eating the sugary delights.  I took a handful and picked out the good bits: the marshmallows, and discarded the rest. This morning I awoke and realised that marshmallows contain gelatin(e).  I have therefore consumed a weird concoction of animal bone, skin, organs and intestines.  Whilst I am disappointed, it is the first veggie mistake I have made and it was unintentional.  I do know vegetarians who eat gelatin(e), but it is not something I will be eating again in the future.

I will be staying well away from Lucky Charms from now on.  Póg mo thóin,  leprechaun!

Enjoy your Guinness and jig!

Gráim thú followers!

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